Why to attend the General Assembly?

  1.  Active participation in the decision-making and planning of the CGU.
  2.  Having the chance to propose and publicly defend any ideas you have that could be better organized since a network scope.
  3.  Wide information on the activities the CGU is running and how to participate. Make the most of your membership!
  4.  Networking with representatives from other institutions around the world.
  5.  Finding partners for projects or getting to know about projects your institution could join!
  6.  Attending workshops on current issues on higher education and sharing experience about them.
  7.   Increasing the exposure of your institution in international events.
  8.  Getting to know the latest updates on international higher education through the members of the Executive Committee, who represent the CGU in several international events.
  9.  Visiting other universities and getting to know their facilities and working methods.
  10.  The amazing excursions every assembly finishes with!